The pur­pose of this pri­vacy policy is to inform you about the treat­ment and pro­tec­tion of per­son­al data that you provide or will provide or that may be col­lec­ted dur­ing your nav­ig­a­tion through the web­sites, and its sub­do­mains (here­in­after the “Site”).


Identification and Ownership

The own­er of this Site is the Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven with registered office at Calle Aristófanes 4, 1º1. 29010 Malaga (Spain). You can con­tact Iniciativa Internacional Joven through the e‑mail address In this regard, Iniciativa Internacional Joven com­plies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the pro­tec­tion of nat­ur­al per­sons (GDPR). Use of the Site implies accept­ance of this Privacy Policy as well as the con­di­tions included in the Legal Notice.


Data con­trol­ler

The Data Controller is Iniciativa Internacional Joven, with registered office at Calle Aristófanes 4, 1º1, 29010 Málaga (Spain). You can con­tact Iniciativa Internacional Joven by email at


Principles applied in the pro­cessing of data

In pro­cessing your per­son­al data, the Data Controller will apply the fol­low­ing prin­ciples that com­ply with the require­ments of the new European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
1. Principle of law­ful­ness, fair­ness and trans­par­ency.: The Data Controller will always require con­sent for the pro­cessing of per­son­al data which may be for one or more spe­cif­ic pur­poses about which the Data Controller will inform the User in advance with full transparency.
2. Principle of data min­im­isa­tion: The Data Controller will request only the data strictly neces­sary for the pur­pose or pur­poses for which it is requested.
3. Principle of lim­it­a­tion of the stor­age peri­od: The Data Controller shall keep the per­son­al data col­lec­ted for the time neces­sary for the pur­pose or pur­poses of the pro­cessing. The Data Controller shall inform the User of the rel­ev­ant reten­tion peri­od accord­ing to the pur­pose. In the case of sub­scrip­tions, the Data Controller shall peri­od­ic­ally review the lists and delete those records that have been inact­ive for a con­sid­er­able peri­od of time.
4. Principle of integ­rity and con­fid­en­ti­al­ity: The per­son­al data col­lec­ted shall be pro­cessed in such a way that their secur­ity, con­fid­en­ti­al­ity and integ­rity are guar­an­teed. The Data Controller takes the neces­sary pre­cau­tions to pre­vent unau­thor­ised access or mis­use of its users’ data by third parties.


Collection of per­son­al data

To browse the Site it is not neces­sary to provide any per­son­al data. The cases in which you do provide your per­son­al data are: (1) When con­tact­ing via the con­tact forms or send­ing an email; (2) When com­ment­ing on an art­icle or page; (3) When sign­ing up for a sub­scrip­tion form or a news­let­ter that the Owner man­ages with a third party application.



The Data Controller informs you that you have the right to: (1) Access: you may access your stored data; (2) Rectification: you may request a modi­fic­a­tion of your data as inac­cur­ate or untrue; (3) Portability: you may obtain a copy of the data being pro­cessed; (4) Limitation of pro­cessing: you may lim­it the pro­cessing of your data, in which case we will only keep them for the exer­cise or defence of claims; (5) Deletion: you may request the dele­tion of your data when the pro­cessing is no longer neces­sary; (6) Opposition: you may request the ces­sa­tion of the send­ing of com­mu­nic­a­tions under the terms indic­ated; (7) Revoke the con­sent given.

The exer­cise of these rights is per­son­al and there­fore must be exer­cised dir­ectly by the inter­ested party, request­ing it dir­ectly to the Data Controller, which means that any cus­tom­er, sub­scriber or col­lab­or­at­or who has provided their data at any time, can con­tact Iniciativa Internacional Joven and request inform­a­tion about the data it has stored and how it was obtained, request its rec­ti­fic­a­tion, oppose its pro­cessing, lim­it its use or request the can­cel­la­tion of such data in the files of the Data Controller. To exer­cise your rights of access, rec­ti­fic­a­tion, can­cel­la­tion and oppos­i­tion you must send an email to togeth­er with val­id leg­al proof such as a pho­to­copy of your ID card or equi­val­ent. If you do not receive a reply in due time and form from us, or if you do not find the reply sat­is­fact­ory, we inform you that the com­pet­ent super­vis­ory author­ity is the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( On its web­site you can find a series of mod­els that will help you to exer­cise your rights.


Purpose of the pro­cessing of per­son­al data

When you con­nect to the Site to browse, send an email to the Owner, write a com­ment on an art­icle or a page and sub­scribe to its news­let­ter, you are provid­ing per­son­al inform­a­tion for which Iniciativa Internacional Joven is respons­ible. This inform­a­tion may include per­son­al data such as your IP address, first and last name, phys­ic­al address, email address, tele­phone num­ber, and oth­er inform­a­tion. By provid­ing this inform­a­tion, you con­sent to your inform­a­tion being col­lec­ted, used, man­aged and stored by Ionos by 1&1 only as described in the Legal Notice and this Privacy Policy.

The per­son­al data and the pur­pose of the pro­cessing by the Data Controller is dif­fer­ent depend­ing on the inform­a­tion cap­ture system:
-Contact forms: the Data Controller requests per­son­al data which may include: name and sur­name, email address, date of birth, tele­phone num­ber, ID num­ber, level of edu­ca­tion, employ­ment status, know­ledge of lan­guages, time avail­ab­il­ity, own resources and IP address in order to provide the Service and / or respond to user quer­ies. For example, Iniciativa Internacional Joven uses these data to respond to mes­sages, doubts, com­plaints, com­ments or con­cerns that Users may have regard­ing the inform­a­tion included on the Site, the pro­cessing of per­son­al data, ques­tions con­cern­ing the leg­al texts included on the Site, as well as any oth­er query that the User may have and which is not sub­ject to the con­di­tions of the Site.
-Comment forms: the Owner requests per­son­al data, which may include: name and sur­name, e‑mail address and IP address, in order to respond to users’ comments.
-Content sub­scrip­tion forms: the Holder requests the fol­low­ing per­son­al data: name and sur­name, e‑mail address, tele­phone num­ber and IP address to man­age the sub­scrip­tion list, send news­let­ters, pro­mo­tions and spe­cial offers. The per­son­al data provided to the Holder will be loc­ated on the serv­ers of The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a, dom­i­ciled in the USA (Mailchimp).

There are oth­er pur­poses for which the Data Controller pro­cesses per­son­al data:
‑To ensure com­pli­ance with the con­di­tions set out in the Legal Notice and applic­able law. This may include the devel­op­ment of tools and algorithms that help this web­site to ensure the con­fid­en­ti­al­ity of the per­son­al data it collects.
‑To sup­port and improve the ser­vices we offer.
‑To ana­lyse user brows­ing. The Owner col­lects oth­er non-identifying data obtained through the use of cook­ies that are down­loaded to the User’s com­puter when brows­ing the Site, the char­ac­ter­ist­ics and pur­pose of which are detailed in the Cookies Policy.
‑To man­age social net­works. Iniciativa Internacional Joven has a pres­ence on social net­works. If you become a fol­low­er on the social net­works of the Owner, the pro­cessing of per­son­al data will be gov­erned by this sec­tion, as well as by those con­di­tions of use, pri­vacy policies and access reg­u­la­tions that belong to the social net­work that applies in each case and that you have pre­vi­ously accep­ted. You can con­sult the pri­vacy policies of the main social net­works in these links: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube e Instagram. The Holder will pro­cess your per­son­al data in order to cor­rectly man­age your pres­ence on the social net­work, inform you of its activ­it­ies, as well as for any oth­er pur­pose that the reg­u­la­tions of the social net­works allow.
Under no cir­cum­stances will the Data Controller use the pro­files of fol­low­ers on social net­works to send advert­ising on an indi­vidu­al basis.

Security of per­son­al data

At Iniciativa Internacional Joven we com­ply with the pro­vi­sions of the cur­rent reg­u­la­tions on per­son­al data pro­tec­tion (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights) for the pro­cessing of per­son­al data for which you are respons­ible, and mani­festly with the prin­ciples described in Article 5 of the GDPR, whereby they are pro­cessed law­fully, fairly and trans­par­ently in rela­tion to the data sub­ject, and adequately, rel­ev­ant and lim­ited to what is neces­sary, in rela­tion to the pur­poses for which they are processed.

To pro­tect your per­son­al data, the Data Controller takes all reas­on­able pre­cau­tions and fol­lows industry best prac­tices to pre­vent the loss, mis­use, improp­er access, dis­clos­ure, alter­a­tion or destruc­tion of your per­son­al data. The Website is hos­ted by IONOS by 1&1, which takes all neces­sary secur­ity meas­ures to do so. You can con­sult its pri­vacy policy for more information.

Iniciativa Internacional Joven informs the User that their per­son­al data will not be trans­ferred to third party organ­isa­tions, with the excep­tion that such trans­fer of data is covered by a leg­al oblig­a­tion or when the pro­vi­sion of a ser­vice implies the need for a con­trac­tu­al rela­tion­ship with a data processor.


Content of oth­er websites

The pages of this Site may include embed­ded con­tent (e.g. videos, images, art­icles, etc.). Embedded con­tent from oth­er web­sites behaves in exactly the same way as if you had vis­ited the oth­er web­site. These web­sites may col­lect data about you, use cook­ies, embed addi­tion­al third-party track­ing code and mon­it­or your inter­ac­tion using this code.


Cookies Policy

In order for this Site to func­tion prop­erly it needs to use cook­ies, which is inform­a­tion that is stored in your web browser. On the Cookies Policy page you can con­sult all the inform­a­tion relat­ing to the col­lec­tion policy, the pur­pose and treat­ment of cookies.


Legitimation for data processing

The leg­al basis for the pro­cessing of your data is: con­sent. In order to con­tact the Owner, sub­scribe to a news­let­ter or make com­ments on this web­site, you must accept this Privacy Policy.


Categories of per­son­al data

The cat­egor­ies of per­son­al data pro­cessed by the Data Controller are: (1) Identifying data.


Retention of per­son­al data

The data you provide to us will be retained for as long as there is a mutu­al interest in main­tain­ing the pur­pose of the pro­cessing. It will be blocked when you have exer­cised your right to eras­ure, can­cel­la­tion and/or restric­tion of pro­cessing. The data will be deleted in accord­ance with the pro­vi­sions of the data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions, which means that they will be blocked. They will remain at the exclus­ive dis­pos­al of Judges and Courts, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the com­pet­ent Administrations, in par­tic­u­lar the Data Protection Authority for the atten­tion of liab­il­it­ies arising from the pro­cessing, dur­ing the peri­od of lim­it­a­tion of these. Once the afore­men­tioned peri­od has expired, they will be des­troyed with the appro­pri­ate secur­ity meas­ures to guar­an­tee their pseud­onymisa­tion or total destruction.


Web brows­ing

When brows­ing the Site, non-identifying data may be col­lec­ted, which may include IP address, geo­loca­tion, a record of how ser­vices and sites are used, brows­ing habits and oth­er data that can­not be used to identi­fy you. The Owner uses the inform­a­tion obtained to obtain stat­ist­ic­al data, ana­lyse trends, admin­is­ter the site, study brows­ing pat­terns and to gath­er demo­graph­ic inform­a­tion. The Owner is not respons­ible for the pro­cessing of per­son­al data by web­sites that you may access through the vari­ous links con­tained on the Site.



Minors are pro­hib­ited from access­ing and using the portal and may not use the ser­vices avail­able through the Site without the pri­or author­isa­tion of their par­ents, guard­i­ans or leg­al rep­res­ent­at­ives. The lat­ter shall be solely respons­ible for all acts car­ried out through the Site by the minors in their care, includ­ing the com­ple­tion of the forms with the per­son­al data of said minors and the tick­ing, where appro­pri­ate, of the boxes that accom­pany them. We are not respons­ible for the truth­ful­ness and accur­acy of the data you fill in. If you have minors in your care, it will be your sole respons­ib­il­ity to determ­ine which ser­vices and/or con­tent are or are not appro­pri­ate for their age.


Accuracy and vera­city of per­son­al data

You agree that the data provided to the Owner are cor­rect, com­plete, accur­ate and cur­rent, as well as to keep them updated. As a User of the Site you are solely respons­ible for the vera­city and accur­acy of the data sub­mit­ted to the Site exon­er­at­ing Iniciativa Internacional Joven from any liab­il­ity in this regard.


Acceptance and consent

As a User of the Site, you declare that you have been informed of the con­di­tions on the pro­tec­tion of per­son­al data, you accept and con­sent to the pro­cessing of such data by Iniciativa Internacional Joven in the man­ner and for the pur­poses indic­ated in this Privacy Policy.



To exer­cise your rights of access, rec­ti­fic­a­tion, can­cel­la­tion and oppos­i­tion you must send an email to, along with val­id leg­al proof such as a pho­to­copy of your ID card or equi­val­ent. The exer­cise of these rights does not include any data that Iniciativa Internacional Joven is obliged to keep for admin­is­trat­ive, leg­al or secur­ity purposes.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Owner reserves the right to modi­fy this Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, by post­ing changes on the Site. Likewise, we may change, delete or add, without pri­or notice, both the con­tent and ser­vices provided, as well as the way in which they are presen­ted. Consequently, the Policies that are pub­lished at the time you access the Site will be under­stood to be in force, so you should read them periodically.